1. Part I of video presentation

An order with proper automation, is an easy, time-concise business process that includes a description of a deal between a supplier and a customer for each item of goods. The solution includes a back office (UNA.md) and a front office - UAMobi and UaOrdеrs applications for creating, viewing applications, filling in information on the client, GPS coordinates of the outlet, viewing tasks from the manager with the ability to view photos from the client. Allows you to work with a previously configured list of clients for a given sales agent, place orders and the ability to view orders for the current day.

Modul Comenzile la clientul EuropeanDrinks

Counterparties and retail outlets and their data / requisites and contracts with them are added in the back office client directory. You can specify a specific payment scheme, discount percentage, etc. It is possible to select the required price list and configure routes. You can also match product attributes - barcodes, internal barcode assignments for scanning. Printing of stickers with the required parameters of goods is provided. When creating an order, a reservation of goods is performed - this quantity is taken into account when generating invoices when calculating the balance of goods. If necessary, you can reflect the actual quantity of the supplied goods. The program allows you to print a pack (set) of waybills for registration of deliveries. Orders can be printed in a section of a warehouse or vehicle for both shipment and delivery routes.

Entrance 00:00 - 0:20
Description of the UA Orders mobile app 00:21 - 11:16
Back Orders Office Journal 11:17 - 11:48
Adding a client to the Directory (back office) 12:10 - 17:09
Adding a contract with a client (back office) 17:10 - 24:16
Directory of price lists (back office) 19:10 - 20:30
Binding an agent to the application collection route (back office) 25:16 - 26:41
Directory Routes (back office) 26:42 - 27:07
Adding a new product (back office) 27:09 - 31:25
Configuring clients for the order operator (back office) - 31:27 - 33:09
Adding an order in the back office 33:10 - 37:14
Confirmation of orders for warehouse processing (back office) 37:15 - 40:25
Set of applications (back office) 40:26 - 48:88
Order collection in the UAMobi application 49:00 –1: 00: 41
Change in the invoice for the actual quantity of goods (back office) 58:52 - 1:00:42
Printing tax invoice from document Code (back-office) 1:00:43 -1: 03: 33

Part I of video presentation

2. Part II of video presentation

This video demonstrates how to work with the UAMobi application without an existing application, create an order by showroom, register a sale to an individual in the back office, with a demonstration of the formation of an act of acceptance (Acceptance of goods) of an invoice document (Posting of goods)

Application in the showroom using UAMobi 01:06 - 08:04
Acceptance of goods without application at UAMobi 08:08 - 13:24

Part II of video presentation

3. Part III of video presentation

How do you can a place a new order from a new supplier? At first, you need to register his data in the UNA.md application (back office), draw up a contract and add it to the program. On the basis of the data of the contract, you can form an order and arrange its acceptance in UAMobi. An example of such a texture is shown in this video. Also, using UAMobi, you can automate the inventory of received and available goods to reflect the actual results in the accounting. The received data is reflected in the back-office (UNA.md) using the documents Collation list and Re-grading of goods. In addition, the mode of registration of the movement of goods between departments or stores is available, it is possible to return the goods to the supplier with the registration of the necessary accompanying documents or write off the damaged goods using UAMobi.

Adding a new provider (back office) 00:00 - 01:13
Adding a contract with a supplier (back office) 01:14 - 02:51
Creating an application for the supplier to receive the goods (back office) 02:52 - 06:39
Acceptance of goods on request at UAMobi 06:40 - 10:55
Order for the inventory of goods (back office) 10:57 - 12:14
Adding a document Fixing balances before inventory (back office) 12:15 - 13:02
Inventory of the goods upon the fact in UAMobi 13:03 - 15:06
Adding a document Collation sheet (back office) 15:07 - 17:12
Creating a document Reassortment of goods (back office) 17:13 - 17:46
Internal movement of goods in UAMobi 17:49 - 19:49
Returning the goods to the supplier through UAMobi 19:50 - 20:54
Write-off of goods through UAMobi 20:55 - 22: 044

Part III of video presentation