Mini CRM for entrepreneurs

Mini CRM – is a platform can be accessed in the On-Line environment only by the web interface, with an application for Android (iOS we have not verified), respectively, the dependence on the Internet, which can be a disadvantage for companies working in regions with an unstable network. After using it on 2 accounts for 2 weeks each account (trial time for the test), I made some conclusions regarding both productivity, but also the field of companies that could work in this platform. 

 This platform, like other ones that contain CRM, is intended for companies whose field of activity is sales. Sales managers will have a big advantage if they use the given platform. The platform provides several stages of implementation of the sales process. After putting the platform into operation, there will be no need for mandatory meetings with department heads, responsible persons, paperwork and any other procedures.


 Mini CRM offers users a pretty good development plan. Namely, it is motivated by quick results, favorable marketing activity. The team can benefit from a much greater amount of effective reports, to know the financial situation in real time and to take measures to improve and increase sales through different campaigns, discounts and personalized offers. MiniCRM allows the automation of work flows, which leads to an increase in the efficiency of employees, respectively time gained which turns into a better experience / quality services offered to customers.