How to choose an IT system supplier for an enterprise

IT products for a large company cost millions, and they take months and even years to implement. Therefore, the cost of making a mistake is high. Meanwhile, vendors are cunning: for example, on the presale they say that a license for six cores will be enough. And on sale it turns out that for normal operation it would be good to buy ten more. Such cases occur all the time; for customers it is painful and expensive.

Презентация вебинара

We talked about how to avoid unpleasent situations when choosing a vendor at the webinar. Speaker - Konstantin Stepanov, director of projects for the implementation of the "Single Client" HFlabs.

What was it about

A webinar is a confession of a person who has been participating in tenders on the supplier's side for many years. And he sees a variety of customers: experienced and newcomers, suspicious and gullible, decisive and doubting.

The speaker shared this experience: - how to choose an IT system that is really needed. An useless one - do not choose; - how to hedge against surprises during implementation and on sale; - when you need a pilot, and when not; - what subtleties of licenses to pay attention to; - when is it time to bargain and why. The tips are universal and come in handy when choosing any large IT system. But, since we supply CDI and MDM products, we did put some emphasis on them.

Who will benefit from this

The webinar will be useful to everyone who at least sometimes chooses complex IT systems in their company. Usually these are employees of IT departments, business departments, purchasing departments. Another audience is enterprise product developers. You may find it helpful at least to talk about the types of licenses. We talked about this in detail.

Why the speaker can be trusted

Konstantin Stepanov participates in all tenders from HFLabs. And after the tender - in implementations, as a manager. Last year alone, we won seven competitions, each worth from 8 to 56 million rubles. The competitors were well-known world-famous companies. At the same time, Konstantin himself more than once chose suppliers and products for the enterprise. He knows both sides of the negotiation: how customers and vendors are cunning, where they are mistaken, and what details are left out.