Oracle Technology Summit 13.04.2022


La data de 13 aprilie 2022 a fost tradus Summit-ul Technologic Oracle, eveniment digital care a fost destul de informativ si interesant.
Mai jos gasiti prezentarile care au fost prezentate in cadrul evenimentului:

   Executive Keynote: Global Knowledge Discovery - Data, information and being human in 2022 | Duncan Harvey, Vice President, Strategic Technology Programmes, EMEA, Oracle Technology
   Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud | Silviu Teodoru, Master Principal Account Cloud Engineer, Oracle
   Data Management for All | Ciprian Pustianu, Principal Solutions Specialist Engineer, Oracle
   Cybersecurity: how-to protect your applications, you Cloud and your databases? | Damien Rilliard, Master Principal Domain Specialist Cloud Engineer - Security, Oracle
   Transformare impulsionata de date: noi rute explorate | Adrian Capitanu, Principal Domain Specialist Cloud Engineer - Data Management, Oracle
   Oracle Recovery Appliance against Ransomware | Cristian Termure, Cloud Systems Principal Solution Engineer, Oracle
   Oracle Consulting - Your Partner for Competitive Advantage | Mihai Popescu, Consulting Director, Oracle
   Oracle for Startups - When Startups Meet Enterprise, Our Customers Win | Karolina Wawrzyniak, Strategic Business Development Manager, Oracle
   Oracle Academy - Advancing computing education globally | Camelia Ditescu, Oracle Academy Program Manager, Oracle